Facts Optional

The Princess and the Pee Stain

There's sensitive, and then there's just being spiteful.

Road Hard, Put Away Wet

This was one election that required mud-slinging.

My search for happiness (on Google)

Still looking...

This Does Not Compute

The irony in today's subject is that it came to me while listening to streaming music through an app on my wi-fi connected smartphone, which was wirelessly transmitting the tunes to the Bluetooth speaker my friend Bert gave me for... Continue Reading →

Save time by ignoring these household hints

I've tried all of these and share my personal experiences here so you won't repeat my mistakes.

Coil and Water

I am sitting at the table on our back deck, gazing at the lake and my surroundings on an absolutely glorious day. The sky is blue with billowy clouds. The water is undulating gently, stirred only by a slight breeze... Continue Reading →

McMaster of Denial

Statement from national security advisor H.P. Lovecraft H.R. McMaster, in response to allegations that President Trump shared classified intelligence with the Russians during a meeting in the Oval Office: "The story that came out tonight, as reported, is false… At no time... Continue Reading →

No Rhyme or Reason (well, it rhymes a little bit)

Comey was fired; it came as a shock. Right in the midst of an FBI probe. Now the department will be run ad hoc Until Donald J, wandering in his bathrobe, Decides who its next fearless leader should be.  ... Continue Reading →

Scalene the Heights, or Discussing Concurrent Events

I recently flew to Raleigh, NC to visit with my life-long best friend, Bert. We've known each other since our junior high days, and even though it's been decades since we've lived anywhere near each other, we still manage to... Continue Reading →

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