First Word Problems

Been having a touch of writer’s block lately (yes, I am humoring myself by equating “blogging” with actual “writing”). I think it’s due to my brain being filled with so much other stuff for the last few weeks that I can’t eke out any room for the funny stuff (I am also humoring myself by suggesting that anyone other than yours truly considers my “writing” at all “funny”).

Currently on my mind:

  • Job instability (my smaller company bought out by a much-bigger parent corp., and transition has been handled abysmally)
  • Boston Marathon bombings (we live just a half-mile from the older brother’s apt., and found it quite distressing to have been through the lock-down that one Friday as well as our familiarity with every landmark that was part of the horrendous chain of events)
  • Allergies (never suffered from them before but WOW did they knock me for a loop this year)
  • House purchase (hey, I didn’t say it was all bad stuff… we found a modest and lovely all-season home on some Maine lakefront property and are scheduled to close end of this month. We’ll use it for vacations/weekend get-aways at first, and if we really cotton to the area then it will be our retirement place when and if that glorious time ever comes.)
  • Moving (planned for, we thought, getting some of our stuff up to the new lake house, but now will also include finding a new “regular” place to live since our landlord recently shocked us with his request to vacate our beloved apartment within the next few months so his son can move into our place with his fiancé. His explanation was “They couldn’t qualify for a mortgage and want to start a family, so what could I do other than offer them your place?” Therefore, Mazel Tov to the newlyweds and their eminent domain approach to life and we hope they’re very unhappy together.)
  • Cats (two of them seem to be planning exit strategies, but so far they’re hanging in there)

That’s about it — oh, and of course there’s the starving children in Africa; shouldn’t forget about them.

Despite having challenges coming up with any worthwhile content I *have* managed to think of some killer future blog subject titles, including:

  • “At A Loss For Verbs”
  • “Lyrics In Search Of A Melody”
  • “Dating My Refrigerator”
  • “Boss-A-Nova”
  • “The Right To Bare Arms”

I think once we get past the house closing, that will free up enough of my gray matter to revisit some of these concepts. Otherwise, all I’ve got to offer for an opener is “It was a dark and stormy cocktail…”

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