Divided we fall

The “Rocket Man” has built a bomb that’s made with hydrogen.

And with it, he may start a war that he thinks he can win.

We used to engage allies in an effort to avoid;

Now Trump says North Korea will be “totally destroyed.”


The President has clearly said if we’re forced to defend,

Then that would start an action leading to Kim Jong-un’s end.

@realDonaldTrump said, bordering on schadenfreude,

That if this push then came to shove, he’d serve as the Destroy-uh.


Kim Jong-un and all those in his band of criminals

Have offered threats – some overt; a few subliminal.

Now, suddenly, DPRK has got some brand-new toys.

They’re not M-80s; they’re the kind that totally destroys.


For many years we’ve struggled with the handling of NK.

Despite the pressures brought to bear, they just won’t go away.

They’ve said they’ll put a nuke atop a sleek ICBM,

But if it’s lobbed our way, then we will totally destroy them.


Kim Jong-un, his father, and his grandfather before

Have ruled the North, long before that rough Korean War.

Today our President spoke to the General Assembly,

And said, if youngest Kim makes threats, “We will destroy them totally!”


The President had harsh words for both Cuba and Venezuela.

He said their socialist approaches ended up in failure.

To put their leaders in their place — no more UN seduction.

He hinted if they don’t shape up, then BOOM! Total destruction.


A few praised Trump’s words; others said his tone was too bombastic.

No doubt they’ll soon be targets of tweets vicious and sarcastic.

This latest rant from Trump adds to a growing, gaping void.

Our stature on the world stage? It’s totally destroyed.

2 thoughts on “Divided we fall

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  1. The United States has for too long held together a group of not-so-united nations. It is outdated. The US does nearly all the heavy lifting. Send them all pscking (AFTER they pay their parking tickets and other violations chalked up to diplomatic immunity!) and use the building to house and care for our Veterans!!


    1. Glad you read the column and were spurred to respond! I certainly agree the world isn’t as “united” as the organization’s charter would suggest. But I don’t know if disbanding the UN and letting every nation fend for itself is the answer, either. Perhaps if Trump manages to collect on the unpaid parking tickets, he could use that to pay the ACA subsidies!


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