Hello, I’m an apostrophe

And I reside up top, you see.

I indicate possessiveness

Yet people won’t give me a rest.

I also let you take two words

And shorten them to sound absurd.

I often find that I’m misplaced;

Misused; abused; on signs defaced.

I’m wrongly used to make one plural —

You shouldn’t call two sisters “girl’s.”

And to this day I have not got

A clue how “won’t” comes from “will not.”

Sometimes I see a superscript

Linked to a footnote, tightly clipped.

But otherwise, I feel alone

Residing up here, on my own.

Some write: “A dog licks it’s behind.”

As if that placement I won’t mind.

You can’t distinguish “its” from “it’s?”

Then your a bunch of stupid shit’s.