Stuck Indict Circumstances

This George Papadopoulos — who is he again?
Some low-level volunteer. Don’t even know when
He came on board the campaign. He’s a liar!
Throw some ouzo at him, and then set his pants on fire.

When it comes to Paul Manafort, I’ve said it before:
Only with us a short time before shown the door.
As far as the crimes for which he’s been blamed:
All committed before he took on my campaign.

Rick Gates? Now, he staged my inaugural ball.
They threw money at him — hundred million in all.
If headed for prison, he must be a dope.
You want advice, Rick? Careful — don’t drop the soap!

Mike Flynn is a good guy, or so I’ve been told.
He lasted not even a month in my fold.
But now that you mention it — where has he been?
I passed Mueller’s office; thought I saw him duck in.

And what’s going on with the USDA?
Sam Clovis — so close, but now going away?
Nixed because he’s not a scientist?
But turns out he’s another source on Mueller’s list.

I don’t even know this guy named “Carter Page.”
This idiot makes himself sound like a sage.
Claims Corey helped him to make Russia trip flesh.
First denied, now Corey’s memory’s “refreshed.”

Nobody’s memory is better than mine.
I have the greatest recall of all time.
Other than details regarding collusion,
I know what is real and what’s an illusion.

The other day, while I met with the Chinese,
I said they were blameless on trade; gave reprieve
From comments I’d made long ago they were “raping”
Our workers. I sure left a lot of mouths gaping!

I posted a picture, upon Air Force One —
My posse all posing with smiles and up-thumbs.
Reminding my voters, referenced as “deplorable,”
Those thumbs stuck up elsewhere would be allegorical.

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