Sit Up and Shutdown

The gov’ment was closed for the last several days – did anyone happen to notice?
The Congress was rife with all wanting their ways – and then, of course, there was the POTUS.
It took until Monday to negotiate; three days filled with drama and caviling.
The smart money says we don’t have long to wait before this agreement starts unraveling.

When pushed to the brink over DACA, most Dems said, “Fix now, or else there’ll be a mutiny!”
Yet just three days later, with GOP firm — the compromise won’t withstand scrutiny.
While CHIP was re-funded, and back pay approved, all Dems got in trade was a “promise.”
McConnell said, “Yeah, sure – whatever…” for three weeks until the next cutoff’s upon us.

The Prez claimed a victory (and does that surprise you?), though mostly was kept to the side.
He stayed out of sight through the weekend, emerging to once again self-beatify.
“I won; the Dems lost!” was the gist of his message. He also said, “Want ‘nuclear option’!”
The Senate said, “No thanks” and, at least for now, said they’d stand firm against its adoption.

For seventeen years we’ve been fighting this battle, as long as the one in Afghanistan.
Now in seventeen days we’ll take care of this mess? You can see why the Dreamers don’t understand.
No jumping for joy with the next deadline looming; no reason to be optimistic.
Especially when those claiming they can now fix keep promoting positions sophistic.

A doctor in Michigan, here since age 5, was arrested and thrown into jail.
He holds a green card; is here legally – and yet his family, to no avail,
Can’t get him released. He’s had issues, but none worse than others who we all call “citizen.”
If ICE came for him, then – for all those deferred – now the question’s not “If…” Instead: “Where and when?”

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