On the Record

Jay-Z has 99 problems, but let me tell you, son:
After sparring with the President, next up is 1-0-1.
Shawn Carter was on TV and he told his man Van Jones
That the value of a black man isn’t based on what he owns.

Money doesn’t equal happiness – the point Jay-Z was making.
It’s a homily, perhaps, but one so true; there’s no mistaking.
Have the Dems said more but done less — a position contradictory,
Or is Trump correct in claiming black employment as his victory?

While refusing to acknowledge job trends started with Obama,
Once again this President’s remarks stirred up more racial drama.
You can “spray perfume on garbage” was the point that Jay-Z made —
But that doesn’t make the fact it’s shit abruptly go away.

When you denigrate minorities; act like a “closet racist,”
Then it’s hard to claim that anything achieved makes you the greatest.
That’s the point Hova was making: Trump insults when coming at you.
That’s why dignity means more than any golden Grammy statue.

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