If at first you don’t succeed: Trey, Trey again

Trey Gowdy out – no more of Benghazi.
No more posturing for the news paparazzi.
He says, “No more politics – back to court system.”
Only his Tea Party cohorts will miss him.

He sure had it in for his foe, H.R. Clinton.
He chaired endless hearings, and toward cameras squintin’
He tried to pin blame for those consulate deaths
On Hillary, claiming she caused their last breaths.

Despite seven previous investigations
Trey felt, in the best interests of this great nation,
To jump on the “talking points memo” from Rice
As proof those prior inquiries did not suffice.

A year and a half, and five million bucks later,
He hadn’t proved squat, but he still seemed to hate her.
Surprisingly, he said in 2018
That the Congress was where he’d no longer be seen.

He said he’d engaged in some deep self-reflection
And would not pursue one more term’s re-election.
He hopes to return to a role prosecutorial:
This costly shit-show will serve as his memorial.

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