Staff Infection

My A.G. is disgraceful;
My Security Advisor forgets;
Will Jared last much longer? I’m calling off all bets.

My first Press Secretary
Wore suits that fit him ill.
The second one wears pearls each day and better fits the bill.

I ax’d the Bureau leader,
And picked another guy.
But based on recent testimony, now I’m wondering why.

I sure do like Neil Gorsuch;
A jurist I admire.
Too bad Ruth Bader Ginsburg is refusing to retire.

I got rid of Steve Bannon.
I ditched Reince Priebus, too.
I had to let Rob Porter go – but I’m sure he’ll pull through.

I deeply love my daughter.
(Ivanka, not the other.)
It’s great that she’s advising me in preference to her mother.

Melania runs hot and cold;
Right now, we are OK.
At least until the next time when she slaps my hand away.

I said I trust John Kelly,
And I let him decide
Regarding Kushner’s clearance – and he said, “Disqualified.”

But Jared is my son-in-law;
I think he’s a good boy.
I’ll keep him close at hand since he said I’m his favorite goy.

OMG Hope Hicks is leaving!
Without a backward glance.
Now who the bloody hell will volunteer to press my pants?

I’ve hired all the best people –
At least, the best that could be gotten.
So don’t believe that adage where a fish’s head is rotten.

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