Let Mumbai-gones be Bygones, or She’s Not Sari She Said It

Hillary visited India recently, with her close aide Abedin,
To pick up some bucks at a conference, and also to cram in a little sight-seein’.
She spoke, once again, about losing – and how the election from her had been stolen.
And, based on the comments she made, there’s still bitterness lodged pretty deep in her colon.

She said in the states that she’d won, the economy always performed so much better.
White women who wanted to vote for her blocked, since a husband or son wouldn’t let her.
Those voting for Trump don’t like blacks; woman’s place in the home; want to turn back the clock.
She still seems perplexed that she lost an election where polls said that she was a lock.

The states where she won were dynamic, diverse, moving forward, and so optimistic.
She painted a picture quite different of red states, and pols from both sides went ballistic.
It’s too bad she lost, and of course there’s the question if Trump really managed to best her,
But rather than keep making statements like these, she should stay under wraps in Westchester.

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