Palooka Joe Biden

Joe Biden threw down, saying he’d beat the hell
Out of Donald Trump after the end of class bell.
He’d grab him and drag him behind the school gym,
And that’s where he’d relish in pummeling him.

This all had to do with some comments Trump made
In an audiotape, leaving Biden dismayed.
Trump said, as a star, he could grab women — whether
Or not they consented — in their regions nether.

Then Donald punched back, via his favorite (Twitter),
To say he’d have been the superior hitter.
He said Joe was weak, acting like a tough guy;
But he’d put him down fast and hard; make him cry.

In both mind and body, Trump said Joe was weak
When compared to his own brain and brawn (they’re on fleek).
Throughout this exchange, both men boasted and preened;
Implying the other’s clock they would have cleaned.

Ironic when speaking of those who harass,
Joe Biden’s response is to kick someone’s ass.
But calling Joe “crazy” is no better, Don.
No lofty debate; you egg each other on.

These two, of advanced years, are — I’m sure of this —
Far beyond being able to settle with fists.
They’d quickly wear out or collapse, I would venture,
And one uppercut might dislodge someone’s denture.

Trump’s style of fighting would be like a thug’s:
A headbutt, directed at Biden’s hair plugs.
The Donald would waive off whatever Joe throws,
But Trump would be called for his constant low blows.

I don’t think that either could manage to show a
Command of the ring much like Rocky Balboa.
Neither would have strength behind what they hurl,
And Donald would make a move on the ring girl.

The victory each hopes to claim — pundit sez —
Is which one of them will wind up our next Prez.
There’s so much testosterone in this fight game:
Here’s hoping our next President is a dame.

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