Dodging the Caravan

I flipped on my favorite show (it’s “Fox & Friends”), while performing my morning toilette,
And that’s where I learned of an immigrant caravan, posing an imminent threat.
One thousand strong, heading straight for our border — right now they’ve amassed in Oaxaca.
And then they’ll cross into our southwestern states, where they’ll all take advantage of DACA.

Central Americans heading our way, and all thinking we’ll give them asylum.
Illegal immigrants think they can walk in? They must not know how I revile ‘em.
Ten thousand marching and bringing diseases; planning to storm through our border.
I want the National Guard to deploy down there quickly, so they’ll restore order.

Fleeing oppression they claim – don’t believe it! They’ll just bring more crime and more drugs.
Most from Honduras; the same kind of people as all of those Mexican thugs.
Sound the alarm before hundreds of thousands of criminals rush into Texas.
You know my feelings about immigrants: we must stop them before this flood wrecks us.

They could be murderers, they could be killers, or they could be MS-13.
They could be raping our women and children like never before has been seen.
I think these immigrants weaken our country; the Dems say, “Let’s be a diverse place.”
Where others see promise and courage and hope, I would much rather focus on worst-case.

Late word is reaching me now: my strong actions have caused this yu-u-ge crowd to disperse.
Had I not tweeted and threatened with soldiers, then surely this would have been worse.
Mexico’s problem now; up to their country to figure out what they should do with ‘em.
Once I made clear that they weren’t welcome here, then those migrants all knew I was through with ‘em.

“Bring me your tired, your poor, your hungry…” Immigrants, hearing this, smile,
And think all are welcome, but better for you if you make your way through Ellis Isle.
A mountain made out of a molehill, perhaps, but I’m not one to shy from a fight.
It’s moments like these where I hint to my base how I’m keeping our populace white.

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