Kiss And Telegraph

Our missiles are smart
‘Cause they aced an IQ test.
They’re sleek as a dart,
Fired north, east or due west.

They’re nice and they’re new
And they can’t be shot down.
They are coming for you;
I’m not fooling around.

I don’t care about Russia
(With whom there’s no collusion).
And they’re going to crush ya’ —
That’s a foregone conclusion.

I made comments before
Saying we’d soon be gone.
But we won’t close the door
Before blowing up your lawn.

Both the Russians and you
Claim that there was no gas used.
We all know that’s not true.
We’ll for sure leave your ass bruised.

You’re a Gas Killing Animal —
How’d you like that nickname?
Punch you right in the mandible
Since I know you’re to blame.

If I’d been in your nation
When you launched this attack,
I’d have caused your castration
With one hand behind back.

You’ve been warned of what’s coming
In response to your dread.
Look up when you hear humming —
We’ll aim right for your head.

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