Voir Dire Straits

For years, Michael Cohen has been my attorney.
A condo dispute at the start of our journey.
And once I transitioned into politics,
Occasionally there was an issue he’d “fix.”

He’s certainly been in the news (too much!) lately.
A scandal, perhaps – almost seems Watergate-y.
The FBI raided his office – those bums.
From all of that mishegas, we’ll see what next comes.

Now Cohen has lawyers of his very own,
And we are all reaping from what we have sown.
When Cohen and team stood in front of the judge
They pushed for dismissal, but she would not budge.

When Cohen said last year he had clients – three –
Judge Kimba Wood asked him just who they might be.
He said one was me (which I don’t think amazed her),
And number two? He used to be my fundraiser.

“And who is the third?” was the next question asked.
(It’s someone who wants his identity masked.)
“I want to know who it is, right here and now.”
Alright, “Love Judge” Kimba – geez, don’t have a cow.

So many involved here are victims of vanity,
Therefore no surprise the third client was Hannity.
Sean’s long been the Number One Trump World Apologist.
He loves me so much, it astounds cardiologists.

Once word got out, Sean quickly jumped on the air
To claim that the media weren’t being fair.
“There’s nothing to see here; you’re all out of luck.
I never paid Cohen (might have gave him ten bucks).”

Then Sean, just like I do, began with the tweeting,
As media critics delivered a beating.
He tried to defend what they claimed was a schism
Between roles as “client” and his “journalism.”

The judge now decides whether a special master
Will next be involved in this legal disaster.
At this point, we’re all hoping for a “Hail Mary”
Since Cohen knows where all the bodies are buried.

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