Iranian Daze and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Trump has decided: no more deal with Iran.
The folks who agreed to it are now long gone.
Of this whole situation Trump always was wary,
And things were not helped when — who popped up? John Kerry.

From what’s been reported, it sounds as though John
Did not let the Trump team know what’s going on.
Got to get Trump on your side – that’s the catch.
John ran the risk he’ll now be charged under Hatch.

Was a tense situation that none seemed to like —
And then Trump threw in comments about Kerry’s bike.
You know the last word must be Trump’s, always spoken;
He made fun of when Kerry’s leg had been broken.

Next up — Boris Johnson stepped into the fray:
He went on Fox News, where he was heard to say
That the baby must stay if the bath water goes.
Try to deal with the “cons” without losing the “pros.”

Donald said this deal’s the worst ever was;
Going to pull out right now, and that’s because
At its core it’s defective; makes no sense to his cranium.
So Rouhani replied, “Let’s enrich some uranium.”

Once Trump came on board, the deal looked like it would falter.
Iran now abandoned like a bride at the altar.
Prospects for world peace are looking more dismal,
Especially for those who are living in Israel.

The critics have wasted no time weighing in:
Some think this may lead to a war none can win.
Our allies in Europe found this turn revoltin’.
The handiwork, some speculate, of John Bolton.

Some question how this will impact North Korea,
So Trump said, “Pompeo is coming to see ya’.”
This change in direction upends long-term plans,
But no doubt makes Kim Jong-un one happy man.

The fate of the world, not to be too dramatic,
Now rests with our leader, who’s not so phlegmatic.
Seems peace is abandoned; instead – load and lock.
Somehow the world seemed safer under Barack.

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