Fast Food For Thought

If we can’t work it out to denuclearize,
Then the next best agreement: an order of fries.
North Korea’s a long ways away, going non-stop;
Fill food courts with burgers, instead of bibimbap.

Then soon comes a Staples, and surely a Starbucks,
To help North Koreans acquire more of our bucks.
I spoke to the Chairman and at his behest, I
Will work with our people to open a Best Buy.

The masses will need to shop Walmart for sure;
They’ll like the low prices since folks there are poor.
The best we can offer will soon be appearing;
We’ll strongly discourage reverse engineering.

To run all of this, we may change what is our
Position regarding their nuclear power.
The engine for all of this growth economic
May need to depend on a source that’s atomic.

How strange that a food menu laced with cholesterol
May lay the groundwork for relations thought best for all.
This might make Xi Jinping and those of his ilk quake:
A side of diplomacy, served with a milkshake.

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