Giving Me A Pard-on

I’m pardoning Dinesh D’Souza.
Who is he? An author who’s a
Victim of an overzealous
Group of prosecuting fellas.

He made campaign contributions.
I am granting absolution
Even though he made an end run;
Flouted campaign cash convention.

He says he was persecuted;
Claims Bharara has refuted.
Once this pardon hit the news,
Who acclaimed it? Yep – Ted Cruz.

Dinesh says he was convicted
So his speech could be restricted.
Made a film about Obama;
Criticized his dad and mama.

Another film claimed Dems and Hillary:
Overdue for public pillory.
Both these movies have since gotten
Bad reviews that claim they’re rotten.

So why would I provide relief
For someone guilty as a thief?
This action, to some, seems excessive.
(I’m sending out a coded message…)

Manafort and Michael Cohen:
Off to jail they think they’re goin’.
Mueller wants to make them flip,
Squeezing with his brinkmanship.

This is what I’m trying to tell them:
Special Counsel can’t compel them.
Keep your mouths shut, stick with me:
Soon enough you’ll both be free.

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