Down In Debasement

Samantha Bee said something quickly found reckless;
She made a faux pas, calling Trump’s daughter “feckless.”
That there is a great word, thesaurus-residing…
But then came the c-word, which none are abiding.

And that other comic? Comparisons drawn.
Debates over choice of their verbiage go on.
The questions both sides of the aisle ask are:
Who screwed things up worse? Sammi Bee, or Ms. Barr?

Could Samantha Bee have proclaimed her disdain
Without making use of a word most find profane?
Is there reason behind (if she chooses to bare it)
Roseanne has such hate in her heart for V. Jarrett?

Can either of them claim they stand on the ground
That is higher, when language is used to astound
Those who follow them eagerly when they both choose
To make statements like these? Surely not to amuse.

Bee now admits use of that word is demeaning.
Broadcasting it sure got a lot of folks screaming.
The take from the White House: attack “vile and vicious”
For using this term also linked to “lubricious.”

The flip side of this: ABC pulled the plug;
Roseanne’s TV show now swept under the rug.
“Where is my apology?” Donald Trump grouses,
But he isn’t thinking of stones and glass houses.

These scandals divide us – the Libs and Conserves.
But this kind of name-calling? No one deserves.
The final thought I will convey in this verse:
Before this gets better, it’s gonna get worse.

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