Testy Moaning

We have such great traditions when it comes to our democracy:
Cooperation, compromise, the rule of law… hypocrisy.
I didn’t see the first three on display when I just testified;
The Dems went after GOP, and GOP all said I lied.

I said that my political opinions were protected speech,
And anyone who tried to sanction me was well beyond their reach.
But that did not stop folks like Goodlatte, Gohmert, Issa and Trey Gowdy
Coming with both barrels blazing. They, and others, sure got rowdy.

We got one question into it before the bickering began.
No doubt that kind of brouhaha was all along the master plan.
They went down rabbit holes and argued points quite parliamentary.
At times I thought this hearing would not end ‘til the next century.

We battled over whether my appearance at this Congress hearing
Was of my free will, or due to a subpoena I was fearing.
Some questions seemed indecorous, like this one: “Did you tell some lies
While cheating on your wife, and innocently looking in her eyes?”

My texts were there for all to see, with none of them roman à clef:
Like “Trump’s a douche,” “We’ll stop it,” “loathsome,” or my favorite, “What the f—?”
I made a big mistake through frequent texting from my workplace phone.
I claimed there was no bias, yet it’s hard to miss the undertone.

I said that Trump upset me when he dissed a Gold Star family;
Impossible to win as POTUS after that calamity.
Still, that did not deter those in the Trump-leaning electorate.
And those hillbillies, smell and all, just blithely said, “To heck with it.”

But here’s the key distinction, lost amid the many warring factions:
Did my language or my feelings have an impact on my actions?
Whether I believed or not that Donald Trump was suitable,
I claimed that my integrity as agent: indisputable.

And then, just one day later, more indictments were boldly announced;
As many Russians charged as times my last name has been mispronounced.
The first reaction from the White House: weirdly, they seemed overjoyed;
Concern for our electoral integrity appeared devoid.

Democrat, Republican, and even unaffiliated:
Russian interference should leave everyone humiliated.
All this talk of “witch hunt” has too many folks glum and distracted:
Freedom is in peril here, because an enemy’s attacked it.

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