That Seems Treasonable

Widespread criticism of my comments; some say treasonous.
People seem perplexed in understanding what my reason is.
I stood there next to Putin, favoring his point of view.
I gazed at him admiringly, just like an ingénue.

According to the media, my team strongly believed
That I should call out Putin on his efforts to deceive.
To make a forceful statement, and clear up any confusion.
Instead, I fell back on my homily: “There’s no collusion.”

There was a bad relationship between two superpowers,
But I turned it around so quick; it took a mere four hours.
Let’s disregard the past and focus solely on our futures.
Aligned so closely now it seems we’re sewed up tight with sutures.

Though seven different agencies within my government
Said Putin did it – feh. Another pathway down I went.
He looked at me with steely eyes and stated very strongly,
“Not me.” Who to believe? My critics all say I chose wrongly.

I brought up Clinton’s emails, disappearance unexplained.
And said that wouldn’t be the case if she lived in Ukraine.
Some other guy, a Pakistani – there’s another mystery.
Along with the election, seems I keep reliving history.

I sold out my intelligence community, that’s clear.
Seems everything they tell me goes right out the other ear.
The GOP talks big, but really – they won’t do a thing.
Can’t risk their chance at making the Supreme Court more right-wing.

Let’s face it – I admire autocrats. I’ll be one soon.
Like Putin, Turkey’s Erdoğan, and my pal Kim Jong-un.
I’d like to be a dictator, and think I’ll get a quick start
By focusing my energies on mastering the “dick” part.

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