Clause And Effect

What is the “emoluments clause”?
Understanding gives one pause.
Deeper dives can make you scream
(But don’t confuse with rich skin cream).

Simply put, it’s meant to warn
Against domestic, also foreign
Presidential profiteering.
(Influence is what we’re fearing.)

Ever since elected Prez
Donald Trump, on record, says
Day-to-day he’s not in charge
Of business dealings – by and large.

Once assuming office, he
Claims all handled lawfully.
Gave control to his two sons –
Put them in top positions.

Although no longer at the helm,
Trump still profits from his realm.
Plaintiffs say: implied hard-sell
To hold events at his hotel.

Many foreign gov elites
Stayed in Trump hotel’s nice suites.
“Back-scratching to benefit both of us”:
Influential symbiosis.

Visitors from Saudi Arabia
Checked in, hoping there was maybe a
Chance our gov would say there’s error
Regarding lawsuits over terror.

Also plaintiffs were enraged:
A pricey stay by Maine’s LePage.
State’s travel budget nearly burst
In trying to get parks deal reversed.

Trump rejects this diatribe;
Says “emolument” just means “bribe.”
Court says, “Cash from your hotel guests?
Just as green – and flunks the smell test.”

District court says, “Suit proceeds!”
More Trump business scrutiny.
Court reversal not a lock; it’s
A crime if these stays lined Trump’s pockets.

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