Danke, Ivanka

Breaking up families? My feelings are vehement.
I feel just awful about it.
Examine my comments more closely; you’ll see I meant
Dad’s actions lawful – don’t doubt it.

Forced separation, in case people wondered,
Was really a low point for me.
Down from the thousands to just a few hundred.
So glad Daddy fixed it, you see.

It’s not like I stood up to Dad on a principle;
Drew a hard line in the sand.
Useless, besides – since he thinks he’s invincible.
(That’s a big part of his brand.)

Is press the enemy? I said I disagreed:
Just like Dad, I like to make news.
Daddy then tweeted how very much he was pleased.
His only enemy? FAKE NEWS.

Recently I took my business and shuttered it;
Tears in employees’ eyes welling.
Asked at the time for a comment, I uttered it
Wasn’t because we weren’t selling.

In my official position in Washington
I claim to be such a strong voice,
Hoping no one will see all the brainwashing done
And risks to those who are pro-choice.

I like to portray my lifestyle as quite glamorous:
Each hair in place, perfect lipstick.
I turn a blind eye to so much that’s calamitous
And how much my Daddy’s a dipstick.

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