Strzok Out

We saw his tweets:
The clock was ticking.
Strzok just got fired,
He took a licking.

He’s lost his job.
Career has ended.
Worse than what his boss

Now what will happen
To his lover
Without her man
To give her cover?

Strzok was the one
In charge of finding
What Russia did
(If you need reminding).

It matters not
Mueller removed him;
Through tweets, his love
For Hil was proven.

The fruit that comes
From poisonous trees
Must all be tossed
Since it’s diseased.

The list is long
Of players bad.
The fraud goes on;
We’ve all been had.

It’s good for me
That Peter’s been axed.
Diverts from
Omarosa’s attacks.

She wrote a book;
Was published. Then
She says she heard
Tapes: I say “n-.”

But now perhaps
I’ll claim the Bureau
Faked those tapes:
Their cred is zero.

Not well-liked
More so, since finding
Talks were miked.

Now Giuliani’s
Gone all in,
And claims there was
No talk of Flynn.

If Manafort
Is not convicted
Then this damn Witch Hunt?
I may have licked it.

That interview
I’ll keep on dodging,
While tweeting all
Complaints I’m lodging.

As long as I keep
Slinging muck
(Combined with just
A bit of luck),
I may come out
Of this unscathed.
I can’t wait to hear
Mueller say, “Well-played.”

But if it goes
The other way
I’ll live to fight
Another day.
I won’t be toppled
Unless evidence is buildin’
That, besides the ones you know about,
I fathered other children.

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