Racism To The Bottom

It’s been a year since Charlottesville; I had time to reflect.
I tweeted something wishy-washy. What did you expect?
I made a blanket statement and condemned racism – sort of.
But calling out specific groups or actions I stopped short of.

How many types of racism do I think there might be?
I’m not exactly sure, but I will bet it’s more than three.
By keeping this wide open and avoiding just the rote,
I let my followers feel they’re oppressed, and keep their vote.

You may recall that last year, I said all the blame was equal:
Good people on both sides. The plot’s the same in this year’s sequel.
If I get too specific, then a big kerfuffle might ensue.
The point I’m making here is: Don’t forget – Nazis are people, too.

Thank goodness this year there was not a great big honking riot.
Stayed peaceful for the most part, which meant I could skate right by it.
No alt-right nut jobs terrorized a crowd along the back streets,
Which let me turn my focus back to slandering black athletes.

For citizens with Afros, I’m the POTUS they’ve been dreaming of
Despite the fact I really haven’t shown them much redeeming love.
My Sarah said I’d brought most new black jobs since my election.
I’ll claim that as a fact, despite her subsequent correction.

And now I’m getting criticized for calling a black woman
A “dog.” My Sarah offers up an explanation wooden:
She said, although an insult, it was not about her skin tone,
And then accused the press once more of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“He calls it as he sees it,” she told all the correspondents.
To call it out as racism is nothing but sheer nonsense.
As far as racist people go, I clearly am the least,
And I’ll stick with that story – ‘til a certain tape’s released.

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