To Sell The Truth

Violets aren’t blue,
Roses aren’t red.
Truth isn’t truth:
Yep – that’s what I said.

No one’s colluded and
No one’s conspired.
Don’t even see why
Bob Mueller was hired.

Brennan’s a Commie,
And Mueller’s conflicted.
I’ve lost count how often
Trump’s self-contradicted.

To sit for an interview
Means chance of perjury.
Why then permit it?
This isn’t brain surgery.

I recently threatened
To drop bricks – a ton of.
I’ve all but called Mueller
A bitch. Well… a son of.

This whole situation
Has been wild and crazy.
As far as what Don McGahn said:
We are hazy.

Trump said go easy on Flynn?
Comey says otherwise;
Who’s more believable?

It’s my position
That Trump is quite credible.
I said that after
Consuming an edible.

Truth is elusive and
Facts are alternative.
Midterms are coming up:
Please vote conservative.

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