A Coal Day In Hell

As part of my commitment to dismantle all his actions,
I’m making sure Obama’s plan for clean air loses traction.
Instead of keeping focus on reducing greenhouse gases,
I’m pushing a return to coal to warm up all the masses.

I said I’d bring back coal jobs, regardless of the struggle.
It’s Fake News that their lobbyists and I enjoy a snuggle.
I held a rally, touting coal, while down in West Virginny,
And said that coal is clean and beautiful and makes you skinny.

I claim that coal is better than a windmill; no excuses.
And on a cloudy day a solar panel’s all but useless.
But coal will last forever; it’s impervious to blight.
So what if we make CO2 from burning anthracite?

Analysis from my own EPA says more will die
From respiratory ailments as soot floats through the sky.
While that may seem a shame, we all know death is sure to happen:
Some people when hit by a bus, and others from lungs blackened.

Some wonder why I push so hard to end the war on coal;
If it means more pollution and disease, then what’s my goal?
I want to bring the cost of power down, across the nation,
While scratching backs of those who paid for my inauguration.

I peer into the future and I only see the past.
My motto is “America First” – but in healthcare, we’re last.
I pulled out of the Paris Accord and I’m not going back.
Why trash Obama’s legacy? Because – like coal – he’s black.

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