Praise Me Thus

While speaking to church people, I gave a warning:
If not enough Christians vote, there will be trouble.
The Establishment Clause I was guilty of scorning,
But tell me I can’t – and for sure down I’ll double.

The midterm elections that come in November
Have potential to make all things Christian quite risky.
To hang on to what we have done, please remember
To rally your congregants, often and briskly.

The people on our side are godly and prayerful –
You know, just like me: self-effacing and humble.
But if we don’t carry the vote, then be careful:
The rights of all Christians will soon start to crumble.

Forget “Merry Christmas!” and praising Lord Jesus:
If Dems win, Antifa’s unleashed – that’s insanity.
There’s nothing the left wing will do to appease us;
They’ll banish all references to Christianity.

James Dobson once nicknamed me a “baby Christian,”
Apparently meaning my faith is still growing.
Here’s what I believe in, while I am on this run:
My goal is to reap way much more than I’m sowing.

Thank your our Lord and Savior I squashed an amendment
Prohibiting you from involvement political,
Because there’s a chance I’ll soon be a defendant
And need all your prayers. Hope that’s not hypocritical.

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