Tropical Regression

The Dems are at it once again:
They make up vicious lies, my friend.
I’m tired of all their dirty tricks —
I went to P.R.; deaths were 6.

Or maybe total was 18;
But now — 3000? That’s obscene.
You can’t count deaths of folks too old,
Or due to power-less household.

This total keeps on climbing higher.
It makes me look like I’m a liar
Because the other day I said
“Unsung success” — despite the dead.

Despite a very thorough study,
I make claims to try and muddy
Up calamity’s perception —
Tweeting out more misdirection.

Loss of A.C.; death from heat —
Incidental, so don’t cheat
And add them to the final count
So Dems can claim a big amount.

You can’t count folks who kick the bucket
Afterward, due to bad luck. It
Makes me look like I don’t care.
(You may be on to something there.)

The day it hit, there was a path.
So let’s not count the aftermath.
How long must we wait once this squall
Has passed before we say: “That’s all”?

“Who died?” — let’s focus on “Who lived?”
I’m trying to change the narrative.
I blame that San Juan mayor: Cruz.
She’s turning this into Fake News.

You know — the people of P.R.
Aren’t citizens, like we all are.
Until P.R. becomes a state
I won’t believe this claimed death rate.

If folks had done some better audits,
I’d have brought more paper products.
I keep on sowing seeds of doubt
In hopes of stemming midterm rout.

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