Elevatoring The Level Of Discourse

As soon as I said I would vote to advance,
I knew that I surely had taken a chance.
The prior day’s hearing had left me exhausted,
And then the next day I found myself accosted.

Two women appeared, as if flies in the ointment,
And cornered me, expressing their disappointment.
They pleaded with me on my way to the hearing.
They said that my vote to support they were fearing.

“You’re telling all women that they [do not] matter…
That they should… stay quiet.” One insists I look at her.
They brought up my family and spoke with emotion,
While networks and bystanders filmed the commotion.

I first was concerned that their show of audacity
Risked elevator exceeding capacity.
They stood their ground, boldly seeking some redress.
And I had to listen, since there was no egress.

Then, after that very uncomfortable moment,
I sat in committee. My thoughts start to foment.
The impact of this I was now well aware,
And so I sought out Chris Coons from Delaware.

We huddled and bargained and chatted and such.
I asked for too little; he asked for too much.
But finally we were both able to settle
Upon an approach we felt gave us the mettle.

We had to get all to agree to our scheme,
And temper reactions, which had been extreme.
But we wasted no time; the discussion got started and
Much to the nation’s shock — acted bipartisan.

Now we will all have to wait one more week:
The FBI dispatched, the truth they will seek.
Will Kavanaugh move forward, or will these sordid
Behaviors derail him? We’ll see what’s reported.

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