Slither Goest Thou

I’ve mocked a news reporter with a crippling joint condition.
I’ve mocked a few celebs for their political positions.
I’ve mocked people of color for whom it’s clear I have no use,
And now I’ve mocked a sufferer of sexual abuse.

For several days at least I treated her with some respect,
But then I trashed the woman. Hey, what else did you expect?
It’s foolish: why keep thinking I’ll somehow restrain my id?
My staff said keep my mouth shut here – and look what good it did.

It’s clear I have no insight into one who’s undergone a
Scenario in their life which involved an awful trauma.
There’s no excuse for memory lapses; I claim they’re disdainful.
Ignoring it’s brain chemistry to block events found painful.

Regardless of the facts involved, I never am the culprit.
I rant and rave and mock and put the “bully” into pulpit.
This woman, who just recently I said I found compelling,
Is now the latest target of my anger and my yelling.

But even though I said the judge’s life has now been shattered,
I issued a disclaimer so my rep will not be battered.
Despite my prior statements he’s a man of brains and decency,
I made it very clear I only met the fellow recently.

It’s a very scary time for men, who run the risk of charges
Because of their biology – the one part that enlarges.
That’s the argument I’m making. If the Senate will accept it,
The disaster Brett was headed for? He’ll manage to sidestep it.

Just when you think I’ve reached the very bottom, I dive deeper.
Accuse me of a cheap shot? That was nothing; I’ll go cheaper.
My critics say I’m going straight to hell – God won’t forgive me.
We’ll have to see how many others get dragged down there with me.

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