Nevertheless, She Assisted

Thank God for Susan Collins:
She’s a credit to her kind.
When faced with tough decisions
She will always speak my mind.

Despite relentless pressure,
You’ve got to wonder how she
Decided not to take a stand.
(Unlike Lisa Murkowski.)

She said, “Believe the victims
Of sexual abusing.”
But then she voted for the man
I find that quite amusing.

If only she had sussed out
Facts that corroborated.
She couldn’t find a witness
Who confirmed what Ford had stated.

She said the doctor’s story
Was weak without a backer,
Despite the very clear recall
Of who was her attacker.

So Susan spoke at great length.
(I thought she’d keep on gabbing,
And somehow tie this back
To my remarks on pussy grabbing.)

She squashed the hopes of millions
Who thought she would defeat it,
While in her speech she tried to
Have her cake and also eat it.

While claiming she believed in
Dramatic testimony,
She made it clear by voting “Yes”
She thinks it all was phony.

I’ve said a man must worry;
False charges could befall him.
That’s Susan’s take on Kavanaugh:
She voted to install him.

As all assess this outcome,
To say this will suffice:
Between that judge and Collins
Ford has been assaulted twice.

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