The National Liege

I’m willing to let people call me a nationalist;
Was sort of old-fashioned, but once again fashionable. It’s
OK to use it; in fact, I’d prefer it.
You know when I see a pot, I’ve got to stir it.

The title is one I deliberately use –
I whipped it out as I made nice with Ted Cruz.
The label has meaning for those on the far-right,
Embraced for the most part by people who are white.

A nationalist is a patriot… sort of.
Just think of the babies I’ll stop the abort of.
We’ll share common history and language among us,
And no one will claim that a caravan brung us.

It’s globalists who do not care for our country.
They’re radical Dems – all corrupt; power hungry.
Security, sovereignty: under assault.
Whatever is wrong in the world is their fault.

You trade with our country and shoot for a surplus,
I’ll slap on a tariff so you can’t usurp us.
You lie down with dogs who embrace global trade –
You wake up with fleas from the bed you have made.

“America First!” is the way the cliché goes;
To make a great omelet, you’ve got to break huevos.
I’ve broken relationships, and with convention.
All part of the plan to achieve my ascension.

I’m sure you know how I admire the strongmen.
A student of history, I’d love to belong when
A leader like Franco stared down his belittler.
They all had some good points, y’know – even Hitler.

My followers all embrace nationalism,
Contributing to the “Us” versus “Them” schism.
Our goal: have the populace be of one creed.
(We’ll make an exception if you are a Swede.)

A “Person Of Color”: does that describe you?
Well, white is a color – found ‘tween red and blue.
But everyone’s welcome here; no need to panic.
Unless you are LGBT or Hispanic.

Remember the days when this country was thriving?
Before all these ethnic groups started arriving?
When men went to work and the women stayed home?
I didn’t need hairspray then; just used a comb.

Out in North Korea, my pal Chairman Kim
Makes everyone tune in their TVs to him.
Bill Shine’s on my staff (he’s from Fox News), so I’ve
Got him on it: my rallies again broadcast live.

With just a few weeks ‘til the midterms are over,
I’ll rally the troops and attempt a takeover.
You’ll give up some freedoms, and maybe some bravery,
And next thing you know – we’ll be right back to slavery.

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