Cereal Killer

A weed (and appetite?) killer found in some of your favorite breakfast foods.

They say to cut back sugar in your morning breakfast bowl,
and substitute some whole grains for that frosted cinnamon roll.
But now there’s an ingredient whose presence has me wound up –
I\instead of added vitamins, my cereal’s got Roundup®.

I sure was not expecting to find glyphosate in cereal;
it’s like sitting on a toilet, then contracting ills venereal.
Nobody wants to sit down to a helping of carcinogen –
i’ll have to change the menu so my diet can begin again.

Of course the manufacturers provide a ready answer:
there’s no need to be worried, and don’t even speak of cancer.
I’m trying to stay calm and not respond with a hair trigger, yet
from now on I’ll spend mornings with just coffee and a cigarette.

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