Pipe (Bomb) Dreams?

We’re doing so well in the way early voting –
Then this “Bomb” stuff happens to halt all our gloating.
This kind of a farce really slows our momentum;
Invalidates Good versus Evil referendum.

I put quotes around the word “Bomb” to suggest
Its legitimacy isn’t quite as professed.
Conveniently all who received such a mailing
Was someone who claimed, as a leader, I’m failing.

One more in a series of really big hoaxes?
Suspect’s been arrested; let’s see what law coaxes
Regarding confession. They’ll beg and implore him,
And if he won’t speak freely – please waterboard him.

You know how I’m always on search for excuses –
I’ve grabbed onto this in case GOP loses.
Afraid of a fake bomb? Please… don’t make me throw up.
But if we lose midterms, then you’ll see me blow up.

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