Blowin’ In The Wind

I can answer any question that the special counsel puts to me.
I’ll write the answers by myself; don’t need no stinkin’ at-tor-ney.
Mueller tried to trick me, asking “Sun or rain – which would I choose?”
I avoided that trap, saying, “There’s no weather on Fox News.”

All those lawyers working for me worry about perjury.
Not sure why I pay them, since the law is not brain surgery.
Answered very easily; there was no reason for confusion.
I just kept responding to each question with this: “NO COLLUSION.”

Almost a full year’s gone by since these questions were first submitted;
Took my time, since I thought Manafort and Flynn would be acquitted.
Now that midterms have passed by, it seems that push has come to shove
So I have given answers that are true and honest… well, sort of.

If I chose to, I could throw Bob Mueller out into the street;
Shut his witch hunt down before investigation is complete.
(Speaking hypothetically, since such thoughts never did occur…
Just coincidental I canned Sessions and hired Whitaker.)

Ask me any question and my answers will all be handwritten.
(Just don’t ask if I like to apologize – twice shy, once bitten.)
Please remember: grammar checks and spell correction not my duties:
I spelled “little Adam Schiff” without the f’s; instead, with two t’s.

Anything you ask about, you know my answers are the best ones.
How did I decide on my responses? Went with my intestines.
Haven’t turned them in yet; let the lawyers read and then debate them.
Then, if they object, I’ll get a dog and claim that fat bitch ate them.

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