Ballooning Threat

If you come from Mexico, or call yourself Honduran,
Please step back from our border; you will have to wait your turn.
Despite rights of asylum that are lawful internationally
I’ll brand you as a criminal, creating fear irrationally.

If you’re from a Muslim country, then terror you will foment.
Can’t come into the U.S. in the future, or this moment.
Your God isn’t my God; it’s too bad you chose the wrong one.
Better for our country if you’re kept out for the long run.

A journalist is murdered; should we be appalled? Or is it when
I say it matters less to me since he was not a citizen?
The truth regarding how he died – the Saudis won’t admit it.
So, as with Christine Blasey Ford – we can’t be sure who did it.

A Navy Seal commander who took out our worst attacker:
I speak about dismissively since he’s a Clinton backer.
A military leader, decorated for his bravery,
But since he criticized me, I consider him unsavory.

Either with me or against me – but, in truth, a Hobson’s choice.
I’ll be pleased to hear a chorus, if it sounds like just one voice.
I made fun of midterm losers for rejecting my embrace;
Spoke admiringly of those who chose to join me in disgrace.

I won’t agree to disagree; in fact, I will refute you.
If I could get away with it, I’d gladly prosecute you.
It’s my way or the highway; your dissent will cause a rupture.
(How ironic I don’t have the funds to fix our infrastructure.)

If you wonder what my motivation is for actions brash,
It’s quite easy to determine – just review the trail of cash.
If it doesn’t make me richer, then I really do not care.
My motto’s not “The Buck Stops Here,” but this: “Buyer Beware.”

For those who disagree with me, if even on just one issue,
You’re subject to my wrath and I will find a way to punish you.
If you’re not on board with me, then I’ll consider you a foreigner.
I’ll hold on to this stance – and paint myself into a corner.

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