Gee(20) Whiz

I’m back from the G20, where there were so many leaders.
Some were certainly top-shelf, but all the rest? Just bottom feeders.
I am still the El Supremo, one who is the most admired –
Or I was ‘til Michael Cohen’s plea of “guilty” had transpired.

Whispers heard: rock and a hard place, that’s where I find I’m between a,
So I seemed a little sour while down there in Argentina.
While I usually proclaim, “It’s either my ways or the highways,”
I appeared a bit subdued while spending time in Buenos Aires.

I cannot say that everything came off as smooth as butter,
Since I walked right past Vlad Putin, even with my heart a-flutter.
Sergey Lavrov shrugged his shoulders and then said, “Love can’t be forced,”
Starting rumors then and there that Vlad and I might get divorced.

I claimed I dissed Mr. Putin solely due to the Ukraine,
And this new Russian aggression was the source of my disdain.
But the lying Fake News media said no, I was consumed
With the thought that Cohen’s testimony meant that I was doomed.

With the Saudi Prince, bin Salman, I did not have a discussion:
No clasped hands or laughs between us, like were pictured with that Russian.
Only pleasantries did we exchange, with each barely acknowledging
What was once a strong alliance now no longer seems a solid thing.

The final night I had a lengthy dinner with Xi Jinping, where we
Came to an agreement to slow down our trade war – barely.
I said I’d cut back on tariffs, and Xi said he’d buy our produce,
Then in 90 days we’ll see if this was helpful, or of no use.

While I was at this summit, unlike others I’ve attended,
I flew home without the order of the world quite as upended.
But tomorrow was another day, which I could hardly wait for:
Michael Cohen and Bob Mueller in my sights, who I aimed straight for.

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