Diagramming Their Sentences

Manafort, Cohen, and General Flynn
Seem to be causing the trouble I’m in.
I hardly know them, or else can’t recall
How they came into my orbit at all.

Manafort, brought in to run my campaign,
Managed in three months to leave a big stain.
Mike Cohen managed some campaign finances –
He’s not that smart, but I still took my chances.

General Flynn (he of “Lock her up!” chanting),
Unlike the other two, isn’t recanting.
All of these fellows, despite my selection,
Seek to invalidate my great election.

Any mistakes made, or improper contacts,
I’m not responsible for – that’s based on facts.
Cohen was my lawyer, and Paul was my Chair,
And Flynn… well, I’m just not sure why he was there.

I ran my campaign like I run my business:
Don’t ask for permission but, rather, forgiveness.
If something goes wrong, it is never my fault.
The blame laid on others; that’s just the gestalt.

I’ve not read these memos – but then, I don’t read.
(That’s if you buy into Rex Tillerson’s screed.)
I don’t have to read them since I know subliminally
I’ve done nothing wrong – at least, can’t be charged criminally.

I’m honest and truthful, ask any who know me,
As long as their last names aren’t “Mueller” or “Comey.”
That Mueller is vicious, and Comey keeps hissing.
(You want to see pix of them hugging and kissing?)

Mueller has taken these men and has broken them;
Inflicts wounds upon and then tries to reopen them.
I’m tired of these lies and I’m sick of the mocking
Since, after two years, they’ve found no gun that’s smocking.

I cry that I’m innocent; taunt my accusers:
Calling them stupid and dummies and losers.
The irony here, which seems not to astound me,
Is how I allowed these buffoons to surround me.

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