Show Intel

My so-called “Intelligence” people: naïve!
Conclusions they’re reaching I do not believe.
The risks with Iran we are facing are massive –
And yet all these mofos are unschooled and passive.

Dan Coats, Gina Haspel, Chris Wray – these officials
Are in the dark here, armed with only their whistles.
They claim North Korea won’t give up its nukes,
And ISIS (destroyed) can still put up its dukes.

It took me just 5 weeks to crush ISIS caliphate.
Afghanistan withdrawal talks team? Morale is great.
We’re getting on quite well with ol’ North Korea.
My art of the deal-ing creates panacea.

No matter how much the Intel keep on egging me
I still will insist that Iran is reneging, see?
They can keep screaming that Russia’s intruding
To disrupt elections – not what I’m concluding.

Intelligence, people, is just like pornography:
I know when I see it – and these folks ain’t got any.
I’ll push back relentlessly; won’t take a breather –
And hope no one notices I’ve got none, either.

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