Lying Is Easy, Comity Is Hard

I can’t keep my focus on being the G.O.A.T. if I’m battling constant distractions.
The miracle that’s our economy can’t be maintained without my full attention.
My taxes? My ethics? My campaign? The Russians? All Democrat over-reactions.
These probes are harassment – all part of the Witch Hunt — and I insist on their suspension.

I stood up in front of the nation and said that this partisanship was ridiculous;
The Democrats focused on bringing me down. It’s a miracle, faced with this, I’m calm.
But now their committee heads say they’ll investigate me, using methods meticulous.
I don’t want them looking too deeply and running the risk I’ll explode like a time bomb.

For two years I stiff-armed most efforts to dig, while Republicans all ran the show.
But now that the House is a bag full of “nuts,” I might drown in a river of flop sweat.
To look at my life, both financial and personal, isn’t, to me, apropos.
I wish I could get some professional courtesy here, like the lawyers and cops get.

There’s no other POTUS in all of our history who ever has had all this done to him –
As long as you skip past Obama; Republicans came after that man ferociously.
Now that the Dems are in charge, Adam Schiff acts like gunning for me will be fun to him.
Willing to risk the economy (never mind all else that I’ve done atrociously).

Here’s the deal, folks: I’m exactly as advertised. Surely you knew this about me.
Shady associates; bankruptcies; perfidy: found in the public domain.
I make the claim, just like Moses, you all would be lost in the desert without me.
Anyone thinking the outcome was going to be different here: clearly insane.

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