McCabe & This Is Killer

“I don’t care,” I said, and, “I believe Putin.”
Rod and McCabe are the latest dispute in
Which I am involved; I’ve almost gotten weepy.
(Comey told Andrew when he could go pee-pee).

Two losers thought about plotting a coup.
Illegal, treasonous – not good for you.
Andrew and Rod: dereliction of duty.
(Don’t forget Jeff Sessions, another beauty.)

Andrew McCabe is a liar and a leaker.
Comey was bad, but McCabe turned out bleaker.
Rosenstein’s leaving, he says, in mid-March;
Gives me four weeks to take out all his starch.

Andrew wants sales of his book to go higher:
Says Rosenstein really would wear a wire.
Claims he wrote memos, all contemporaneous,
Re: his thoughts – “Trump; can’t believe how insane he was!”

Andrew was pissed I called his wife a loser,
So, in response, he became my accuser.
I fired him and had no apprehension,
Mere hours before he’d start getting his pension.

Says I dismissed intel; took word of Putin
About ICBMs Kim said he was shootin’.
McCabe opened investigations – there’s two of ‘em –
In trying to ensure I could not outmaneuver him.

Now Lindsey Graham says he will investigate.
We’ll see which version put forth he’ll authenticate.
I’m sure my golf pal knows how truth applies here:
Pick out Shinola; avoid fertilizer.

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