Taught Illogical

“I think,” I said, “my language is very nice.”
I’ve used all the best words at least once or twice.
I don’t see a reason why some think my language
Incites any actions that cause people anguish.

That Coast Guard lieutenant? His plan was a shame,
But there’s no connection for which I’m to blame.
You’ll never get me to admit I’ve used hate speech –
There’s always two sides; I just try to placate each.

Perhaps you might say I’m a language polemicist,
Since I make excuses for some white supremacists.
Despite what you see when they propagate violence,
You don’t know they’re guilty for sure ‘til the trial ends.

Some other nice words are “festoon” and “doohickey.”
Am I going to get my wall built? Well, it’s tricky…
The Democrats want open borders and crime.
They won’t embrace untruthful stats, such as I’m.

I’ve called people “dumb” and “deranged,” also “crazy.”
Impugned Christine Blasey Ford’s memory as hazy.
I labelled one fellow an “untruthful slime ball.”
But sugar and spice and things nice – that’s what I’m all.

I use words and phrases some think are oblique,
But those in the know understand: it’s code-speak.
I don’t control how what I say is inferred,
So it’s not my fault if more hatred is stirred.

I’ve set an example no one else should follow:
Beneath my façade my integrity’s hollow.
My own people contradict much that I say –
I’ve built a foundation on papier-mâché.

My comments: not lucid, but more a word salad.
Compared to great speakers, my language seems pallid.
Although Sarah Sanders quite often denies it,
I’m seeking to take language and weaponize it.

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