A racist, conman, and a cheat – so Cohen says. Did you expect a
Different portrait painted here? A more obsequious trifecta?
Now we’ll all be glued to TV sets to see what kinds of bricks’re
Hurled at me through testimony given by my rogue ex-fixer.

Cohen has an axe to grind and already has been convicted,
Therefore you can’t trust at all his version how I’ll be depicted.
Even liars tell the truth when they admit they’ve told a falsehood;
Still – I’ll take his testimony with a grain of salt, as all should.

Michael Cohen’s been disbarred for lies he’s told; committing fraud –
The fact these actions done at my behest does not strike me as odd.
I carved out time while in Hanoi to trash this man – and that’s not all:
I sent a tweet in which I ridiculed Da Nang Dick Blumenthal.

The statement Cohen’s going to make already issued to the public;
In response to questions he’ll be asked – we’ll have see the trouble it
Causes when compared to written answers I provided Mueller.
What I’ve said is black and white perhaps has different shades of color.

The pundits claim I’ll forego sleep to watch this loser’s testimony
Even though, regardless of his statements, I’ll call him a phony.
I asked Kim Jong-un if this were his mess – what would he do here?
He responded, “With one phone call, I can make Mike ‘disappear’.”

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