From Sea To Shining Supremacy

I do not think there’s many white supremacists – just two or three.
So I’m not sure why any of these folks claim they’re inspired by me.
This fellow in New Zealand has a problem, I guess. Don’t you see?
It’s just a mere coincidence we share an ideology.

I gave an interview where I spoke pointedly of Trump-themed bikers,
Also cops and military. They’re among my Twitter likers.
The PM of New Zealand said about the migrants (I’m unlike her),
“They are us; this is their home” – whereas I’m more of a Third Reich-er.

My people are tough people – if provoked – but that’s not how they play it.
That threat of violence implied by me; I did not flat out say it.
The left plays tough and cute (investigations); they had better pray it
Won’t get bad, ‘cause at a certain point… I don’t think they’d voulez it.

Within that manifesto was a frank discussion of “invasion.”
That’s the very word I use when I speak – isn’t that amazin’?
I’ve demonized the immigrants on more-than-I-can-count occasions,
Using language meant as a dog whistle to incensed Caucasians.

I disregard the manifesto, claiming I’d not read or heard.
I send out some who work for me to say, “Connection here? Absurd!”
While others have condemned this kind of violence, I’ve not concurred.
Can’t blame me for the taste of goulash, even though the pot I stirred.

It seems it’s awful tough for me to make a statement to denounce.
The very words are hanging there, and yet I just will not pronounce.
Instead of condemnation, plans to build a wall again announced.
The common sense required to deal with this – I do not have an ounce.

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