Lessened Learned

(Betsy DeVos)
Day two defending the budget proposal;
This time instead of the House, it’s the Senate.
Armed with a bevy of facts at disposal,
Still – time to quit I just do not know when it’s.

Doubling down on the Special Olympics,
Even while claiming ‘twas not my decision.
Reaming a Senator, claiming his gimmicks
Held special needs children up to derision.

Durbin’s political narrative: “twisted.”
Tough choices needed with budget priorities.
Don’t care if I come across as tightfisted –
Let someone else be concerned with minorities.

Durbin said someone involved was insensitive,
Forging ahead with this budget without first
Considering how great a grade of offense it gives.
Maybe – yet I remain deaf to the outburst.

All of a sudden, who weighs in but POTUS?
“I’m overriding – your diatribes are heard.”
This budget’s his; does he think we won’t notice?
If it were PC, I’d call him the r-word.

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