Sob Stories

I am the victim of a coup.
My taxes I won’t show to you.
My A.G. thinks there was some spying.
Michael Cohen keeps on lying.
My health care plan is wait-and-see.
My latest motto: “Woe is me.”

For reasons of which I’m unwitting,
My employees keep on quitting.
Secretaries are all “Acting.”
Barr is busy with redacting.
Rallies now a place for swearing.
Grievances – relentless airing.

Correspondents’ dinner – skipping.
GDP shows signs of slipping.
Dad was born in… Germany?
Immigrants are vermin. We
Must build a wall to keep us safe.
The Constitution makes me chafe.

Biden’s problem: likes to smooch,
But I skate scot-free grabbing cooch.
Claim I’m best at nearly all things,
Yet I have to cheat at golfing.
Merkel makes me quite uneasy;
Know who I think’s great? el-Sisi.

A walking contradiction, I
Who spurns truth over fiction; why?
I state I am this country’s savior;
Disregard my strange behavior.
And yet, these storms I’m sure to weather
Until Dems get their shit together.

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