Hang On, Snooping

William Barr
Spying is a big deal – you can go ask Mata Hari.
Did I use that word indelicately? Whoops! Sorry/Not Sorry.
While I don’t have any evidence, I still may be proceeding.
I did not intend to obfuscate with language that’s misleading.

I tried to tone it down a bit, by later on conveying
I had only meant to use the word “improper” re: surveilling.
But we know the horse goes running once the barn door’s been left open.
Can I stuff the genie back into bottle? I’m sure hopin’.

While I once was known as forthright – my repute has been eroded,
Which I hope will be restored when I release the color-coded
Heavily-redacted version of the findings Mueller came to,
And allay concerns I’m biased and dishonest – just to name two.

I’ll investigate the genesis (and here don’t mean the Bible)
Of some dubious activities, which may result in libel
Or some other charges brought if they weren’t adequately predicated
By some in the Bureau of Intelligence that’s Federated.

There’s a phrase that’s used within the law; it’s Latin: quid pro quo.
You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. And now it almost seems as though
Trump’s made such an arrangement with me; one can hardly misconstrue it:
Do his dirty work for him, and in exchange – he’ll let me do it.

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