Consti-usual Crisis

Politics is filled with moments some consider teachable.
Here’s one I’m providing: I’m becoming self-impeachable.
Witnesses can’t testify, and documents kept hidden –
Privilege claimed executive, so inquiries forbidden.

I won’t share my tax returns, yet claim my losses show
That when it comes to debt and real estate, I’m quite the dynamo.
Collusion and obstruction – my exoneration’s total.
There’s no need to see evidence; let’s stick with anecdotal.

Remember Jared Kushner? (He is married to my daughter.)
His clearance: temporary. I commanded: “Make it broader.”
A whistleblower said based on the documents she’d seen, a
Grave mistake was made. A probe was launched; I said: “Ignore subpoena.”

The Congress is so partisan – at least, that’s my excuse.
I’m trying to beat down Nadler ‘til he says, “Christ – what’s the use?”
Elijah and Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Cryin’ Schumer:
I’m trying to strip their powers away (at least, that is the rumor).

History is not the past; it’s what I choose to make it.
I’ll take the structure of the government and try to break it.
It matters not to me what kind of precedent I’m setting –
It’s all about ill-gotten gains and how much more I’m getting.

I plan to go all-in on constitutional disruption,
And stall as long as possible a verdict of corruption.
The rule of law is something that for some time I’ve rejected.
The health of our democracy? Too bad if it’s infected.

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