All Stalk And No Action

I’m not just a stable genius, I’m the best kind: that’s “extreme.”
To suggest that’s not the case I find insulting and obscene.
Every claim I make regarding my intelligence: legitimate.
(The way I spell “achomlishments” does not mean I’m illiterate.)

The last few days I’ve been accused of temperamental tantrums.
It started in a meeting with Pelosi that I ran from
Then went straight into a garden (it’s the one with prickly flowers)
Where I said the Dems must cease with their investigative powers.

Crazy Nancy ramped it up a notch and charged me with assault.
But against our Constitution? That’s meshugge. Oy Gevalt!
As I railed throughout the day I barely stopped to take a breath,
While appearing unaware a charge of treason could mean death.

Now the kid gloves have come off in my discussions with Pelosi.
Of political one-upsmanship, we are the virtuosi.
For however long it turns out the remainder of my term is
I’ll try not to let this woman slide beneath my epidermis.

Our relationship’s now chilly, and I don’t plan to defrost it.
When it comes to her abilities, it’s clear to me she’s lost it.
She’s a person with some problems – at least, that is my conclusion.
(And in case you haven’t heard: there’s no obstruction, no collusion.)

Nancy says she prays for me; I know she means it truly.
We’ll have to see which one of us keeps on behaving cruelly.
Most recently, it seems below the belt I may have hit her,
Since I’ve shared video – manipulated – on the Twitter.

I’ve got both brains and business savvy; Nancy hasn’t got ‘em.
I’m smart enough to know there’s still a long way to the bottom.
I’m an expert at the putdown and a master at belittling.
As all bridges burn behind me, I’ll be sitting right here – fiddling.

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