Fools Russian

Foreign interference in elections – c’mon, let’s admit it,
In a recent tweet I made it very clear that Russia did it.
In response to Mueller, I did something very unexpected:
Stated I’m aware that Russia helped in getting me elected.
Don’t jump to conclusions – no confession’s been elicited;
Russia may have helped, but it was nothing I solicited.

Mueller made it clear: the Russians threaten our democracy.
Seems the right response would be to mobilize bureaucracy;
Make sure every effort’s being made in order to ensure
Next election’s safe from interference, and your vote’s secure.
But instead – I chose to focus on how Bob & team harassed me:
I called him conflicted, and his prosecutors all were nasty.

I know more about the law than any legal faculty:
Innocent I am, since Mueller’s chosen not to shackle me.
Just because I misbehaved, that doesn’t mean I broke the law.
Since I’m Chief Executive, that means I have a cloak for all
The times that I engaged in conduct, acting with corrupt intent.
Now my focus is on painting Mueller as a malcontent.

I claim Bob came begging to be named Director, FBI.
My response? A booming, “NO!” (This story’s, by the way, a lie.)
Also, Bob was pissed since I would not refund his golf club dues.
(Even that assertion is what I now often call Fake News.)
Finally, Bob Mueller and James Comey are as thick as thieves.
(Just another baseless accusation I’ve got up my sleeves.)

When Bob Mueller issued his report, looks like I didn’t read it.
Claims I was completely in the clear were premature. Indeed, it
Means “exoneration” isn’t how I should have tried to sell it.
Now we’ll see if Congress implements a strategy appellate.
I’ve described impeachment thusly: dirty, filthy and disgusting.
Going on the offense here will save my ass – at least, I’m trusting.

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